Well, that was unexpected.

Chapultepec Forest is Mexico City’s version of Central Park in New York, a giant urban park filled with trails and museums and such, Chapultepec is gigantic though, I think something like 3000sq acres in the middle of the city.

The last time I was here I only had an hour or so to explore and didn’t really get to see much other than a couple of the art galleries. This time I had about two and a half hours to explore, until sunset.

I walked around the park for a while, it’s absolutely gorgeous, I think to properly explore it would take a couple full days but…..

The park is split in two by a gigantic three level highway where the pedestrian walkway actually cuts between levels of the highway.

As I was crossing the walkway a lovely old black lab ran up to me, super friendly, I hung with him for a minute until a woman approached, looking very serious. She addressed me in pretty animated Spanish and after I explained that I can’t speak Spanish switched to perfect English.

She explained that it’s her dog and he’s friendly and that she needed help and asked if I could walk with her, for whatever reasons it was clear right away this was not a scam and she was being genuine. I said sure and we started walking along the overpass.

She said a man would be waiting for her at the bottom on the other side, that he had been there every day for a week and that he follows her while masturbating openly…. yup.

We stopped in the middle of the overpass and called 911, the dispatcher told us they would send park police immediately so we waited on the overpass and talked about dogs until we saw flashing lights approaching.

We continued onto the other side to meet the police and as we started descending the stairs a man popped out from underneath…. uh, doing his thing. She was not scared or anything like that at any point, just super fucking pissed off.

She started yelling at him and I started chasing him, I know, not smart, the approaching police saw him as well and were driving towards him, before I could get to him he junped on a motorbike and took off.

The police were aware of the guy and had apparently been trying to catch him for a while, once the woman was safe and talking with them I made my way to the subway station and headed back home. I leave Mexico City in the morning so I guess this will be my last “adventure” before I go.

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