Mexico City Fruit Review #4

I really did not expect to find so many mystery fruits, I have never even seen a picture of this one before.

It kinda looks like some unripe cousin to a pomegranate and when I bought it the skin was nearly as hard. Overnight, however, the skin became more leathery and submits to a firm thumb.

Let’s go to the knife!

I mean… it smells perfectly ripe, I don’t think it’s rotten…

NOSE – A slightly earthy, baked-pear scent.

TASTE – Whoa, texturaly it’s this very odd fudgy, moussey just slightly gooey to the touch, feel. It tastes like earthy, chocolate, pear and almost a hint of umami.

IS IT GOOD – Yeah, it’s pretty odd but tastes really nice.

DOES IT GO WITH TAJIN – Oof, that was a mistake.

FUNFACT: Apparently the first fruit I had, the cantaloupe-sweet potato one, is called a Mamey.

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