Yaaaaa! Finally got to ride the cable cars! The last time I was in Mexico City the plans for building cable car lines and making them part of the transit system had just been announced. Today there are two cable car lines just outside Mexico City, run by the State of Mexico, known as Mexicable and 2 more lines within the city (with 2 more about to be completed) known as CableBús.

I took the subway (Line A) all the way to the end in Iztapalapa and then switched to the cable car. This is the newest cable car line, it opened just over a year ago, and is the longest cable car line in the world, about 11km long.

Improving mobility for residents of Iztapalapa was one of the goals in the area rejuvenation plan and another subway line was not feasible due to the amount of hills in the area. Cablebús Line 2 creates a circumferential connection between the end of the subway Line A and the end of the subway Line 8, carrying passengers for 40 minutes up and down several mountainsides. It’s spectacular and costs 7p, about $.50can.

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