University of Mexico

Spent the day wandering the massive, MASSIVE campus of the U of M. According to my phone I walked over 20kms, in 30c heat, across the literal thousands of square acres that make up “University City”, I am sunburnt and done.

The entire campus was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2007 due to the architectural style that only really exists on this campus. The buildings and grounds have a style that blends Modernism and Brutalism with a huge dose of Mesoamerican influence.

After a few hours I asked a student, in my best awful Spanish, if there was somewhere I could get lunch, she tentatively pointed me to a building. I headed over and walked into what turned out to be the Cafeteria for Students of the School of Chemistry, sooo….

I was, absolutely, the only non-student in the dining room, and boy did they stare, most fun I’ve had so far.

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