Cuicuilco Pyramid

Further to the south, near the edge of Mexico City proper is the Cuicuilco Pyramid. The giant pyramids at Teotihuacan get all the press but the cool kids make the trek to Cuicuilco for O.G. pyramid action. (plus I’ve already been to the Teo pyramids)

Cuicuilco is much smaller than Teotihuacan and at first glance is not in nearly as good of shape either. There’s a reason for this however, Cuicuilco is likely about 1,000 years older than Teotihuacan and is believed to be the first significant building constructed by anyone in central Mexico. It’s the grandfather of all other Mexican pyramids.

As it’s not really on the pyramid map I had the entire place to myself the entire time, just me and one security guard. I sat in the shade for a couple hours beside the 3,000 year old building and just chilled. I love stuff like this, experiences like this, so insanely much.

The pyramid continues below ground for several levels but they are lost under the hardened remains of the lava flow that ended the time of Cuicuilco being a rival to the nearby Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City).

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