The Neighborhood Torture House

The last time I was in Mexico City my wonderful host, Aurora, among many other things, told me that there was a house nearby where the government used to torture people but that they weren’t allowed to anymore.

Being not particularly informed of Mexican history I had no idea what she was talking about.

I’m still not very informed about what Aurora was referring to, it’s not a subject I would often choose to dig into but as far as I know the Mexican government, in the 50s and 60s, with support, training and money from the CIA, made all Left leaning political parties illegal and arrested anyone of consequence from within those parties, especially focusing on university students. Hundreds and hundreds of them disappeared into the building next door where the basement functioned as a torture chamber, as many as 1,000 students are estimated to have been taken to the basement and never seen again.

While exploring the area around my home for this visit I have realized that the house she was referring to is the building beside where I am staying, I am 90% sure this was what she was referring to.

My place on the right, the government torture house is the white building on the left.

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