This was to be a review but…

The highest rated bar in North or South America, Licorería Limantour, is in Mexico City, about 5 minutes walk from my place.

I figured early on a Sunday evening would be the best bet for getting a seat at the bar, I arrived around 6pm and was guided to the last remaining seat at the bar, a rather uncomfortable spot at the end on the corner.

I’m not going to review it today however, I’ll give it another try another day.

I mean….

  1. Uncomfortable bar stools.
  2. Bar too high in relation to the seating, and I’m a lot taller than most Mexicans.
  3. There was a foot rail but so low as to be basically useless.
  4. Pounding music, absolutely pounding. No part of “cocktail bar” includes pounding music so loud you can’t talk to the bartender.
  5. None of the bartenders taste tested a single drink they sent out, this is really odd to see.
  6. At one point I actually had to move my drink and water glass to make room for a waitress dropping off dirty dishes, uh, no, nooo, no.
  7. Service? I mean, there really wasn’t any. It wasn’t good or bad, there was just zero interaction in any way. Getting my bill took ten minutes and multiple interactions.
  8. I would have loved a bite to eat but at no point did anyone inquire or offer a menu.

Believe it or not there were other reasons too. Because the place is extremely famous I’m willing to try again but will have to wait until this taste leaves my mouth.

The drink was good, not great.

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