Get out of Russia!


At the airport now, Russia was awesome but also a but grey and wet and cold. Never been to Greece!

Arrived at Moscow Airport (DMO) at my usual time… really early (had a reason, was hoping to catch up on some missing posts at the airport) only to find that I can’t get into the main airport until I check-in, I can’t check in because Moscow airport does not support any sort of e-tickets, I need to use the automated kiosk to print a boarding pass, I can’t print a boarding pass because literally none of the kiosks fully work, some let me get partway into the process but all error out eventually, I find one that lets me get all the way to the final screen before crashing and I try that one for ten minutes, nope I need to go to the check-in counter for my airline (Aegean), I can’t check in at the counter as Aegean isn’t listed on any of the 142 check-in counters, I need to find customer service, I can’t.

Eventually I just start saying “Aegean?” to random staff, no one speaks much English. Eventually a woman tells me that she thinks Aegean will be using counter 77-79 later, I ask when is later, she says “later than this”.

So now I am having coffee.

I did have a really nice interaction at the coffee stand, another patron accidentally took my coffee when it was ready and ran off, the barista was very apologetic, in Russian only, I told him I didn’t mind and pointed at my watch shaking my head, he smiled and when he brought my coffee there was a muffin there too, yay humans.

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