Athens – Day 1

It’s warm, it’s humid, I’m insanely happy, giddy.

My street:



31311322_1964540180254322_2588184645900173312_n.jpgMy place is gorgeous (a nice change after the creaky gross Moscow Airbnb) and has a washer/dryer, starting tomorrow no more stink!

I grabbed food and groceries as well as some Euro and am at home currently with a beer and the start of a plan for tomorrow.











My host is really nice, he made several comments about me as a “young person”, he’s no more than 55-60, I told him I think I am older than you think I am, he said “Oh no, I think you are about the same as my son, 25”, yay, I told him my age and he said “Come stand in the light, let me inspect”.

My place:

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