I’m not paying $40 for a mango

Walking through the fresh market in Saint Petersburg and got charmed by a fruit seller…until he asked 2,100 rubles ($40can) for a mango… I mean… it was a great looking mango but wtf dude.

He was from Tashkent so we chatted a bit about Uzbekistan and how the best produce still comes from there, he eventually sold me some of the same amazing strawberries I ate when I was there, for a good price. And he did come down to 800 rubles for the mango, lol… no sale.

He also had these bright orange Uzbek lemons (carrots are all yellow in Uzbekistan so why not orange lemons) and he gave me one to try.

Tasted it, totally some sort of lemon-orange hybrid, actually really good. He said it’s best in tea and I can see that easily.

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