The Tube!



It’s hard to write a post about the London Underground, this wasn’t my first visit and I mean… it’s THE underground, the first subway, the start of it all.

This trip I managed to ride the Piccadilly Line, the Northern Line, the Victoria Line, The Bakerloo Line (a lot, this was my home line), and the Jubilee Line this time around. I love it so much, I had forgotten how the trains themselves all fit a similar style but the older the line is the smaller the cars are, in the oldest trains my head is hitting the ceiling most of the time and I never noticed before that the floor is convex with a hump in the middle.

Here’s some pics from the transit museum, some of the first, wooden, underground cars.



Another cool thing I got to see is the nearly completed Elizabeth Line, currently called Crossrail. Crossrail will fully open in Dec and is a high speed full-sized train running east-west under London, UNDER the tube, it’s amazing and is currently the largest construction project in Europe.


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