Chicago – Electrical Audio

This is a studio door that I will not be knocking on, the wrath of Steve Albini is not something I am prepared for. This building however….. you like:

The Pixies?
Urge Overkill?
The Jesus Lizard?
Pussy Galore?
The Breeders?
Jon Spencer?
PJ Harvey?
The Fleshtones?
Thrush Hermit?
Guided by Voices?
Veruca Salt?
Cheap Trick?
The Sadies?

About a hundred more…. ALL Steve Albini, all here, all Chicago, all awesome.

Steve is a total personal hero, the master of DIY recording, philosophically opposed to the very idea of royalties (his record producing always comes with a one-time flat fee, unheard of).

I sat out here quite a while in the heat with a playlist of stuff recorded inside, Chicago keeps delivering.

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