Go West

Mostly just a driving day today as I want to be back to Texas with time to spend in Austin. 
Chicken and waffles breakfast at Loc’s in Savannah (extremely good) and on the road around 11am.
Stopped for a bit of beach at Amelia Island in Florida.
Music heritage places of interest to me along northern Florida are a bit sparse but I did stop in Jacksonville to see the historic Ritz Theatre and then drove down to Gainesville to see….
The house Tom Petty grew up in!
I love Tom and the Heartbreakers and have tickets on my fridge at home waiting to see him in fall with my buddy Angel (yay!) in Vancouver.
Tom’s street!
She stood alone on her balcony 
She could hear the cars roll by 
Out on 441 
Like waves crashin’ in the beach 
-Tom Petty “American Girl”

I drove up and down 441 a couple times, windows rolled down, singing as loud as I can’t.

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