The Road to Baton Rouge

You know the lovely drive through Stanley Park in Vancouver? Imagine that for 444 miles, that’s what the Natchez Trace is, a gorgeous, slow-speed park drive for 10-12 hours, no towns, no gas stations, very few entrances and exits, no nothing.
I started down my portion of the Trace pretty early and had the drive mostly to myself, allowing for such classic shots as…
A gorgeous drive, upon finishing driving the Trace I found this old country store featuring a buffet lunch and some incredibly friendly people.
The food was outstanding, all of it… except the collard greens, fifth and last try, they taste like fish food smells.
FUN FACT: The four trees in front of me here are part of a line planted 300 years ago to mark the border between Spanish land and Choctaw land.
FUN FACT: The hill behind me is an earthen mound, likely built by Tunica indians, such mounds are all over Mississippi but only recently has intense study of them been undertaken.
Arrived in Baton Rouge and went for a hike in the swamp, it’s not that hot, about 80f but with the humidity and my lack of exercise lately I was dripping pretty quickly.

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