Non-Stop Truck Stop – A Day In The Life

Taking you through what is mostly a maintenance day!
7:30am – Wake up, van is already starting to heat up, just a week ago in Oklahoma I couldn’t stay warm.
8:00am – I grab my go-bag and head into the truck stop, sorry the “Travel Plaza”. I slept like a rock for 8 hours solid last night but still feeling groggy.
This has been home sweet home this week.

Walk past the camo gear, take a right at the racist/sexist T-Shirt display and into the bathroom to clean up for the day.

8:45am – Looking for breakfast when the low fuel beeper starts beepering, pull off into a Circle K/Shell to get gas. Cannot pay at the pump without either a Shell rewards card or a zip code, try 90210 but no luck. Apparently Shell has never considered the possibility that a non-American could ever need gas.
9:00am – find a great looking little breakfast place called Brothers Juniper.
9:15am – Greek gyro omelette, awesome, everything you would find in a gyro but wrapped in eggs.  Biscuits so far in the south are unlike anything I have ever had, they are amazing.

9:45am – Time to do laundry, I put this off as long as possible.
After laundry I headed to the Civil Rights Museum, all I saw yesterday was the ceremony but didn’t actually get inside. Park supervan and walk around the corner to see a line to get in stretching around the block, it’s now cold and windy so I decide the museum can wait until tomorrow.
Lots of input lately has me a bit ground down so I pulled into a church and have a nap.
I met a local the other day and we’d agreed to meet up today to hang out, had some beers with her and some of her friends and chatted away the afternoon.
Grabbed some not great BBQ for dinner, spotted this sign in the BBQ place’s parking lot.
After dinner I swung around to Starbucks and whittled away the rest of a nothing day chatting with friends back in Vancouver and doing very little.
Shower time!
This is a shower!
And back to the Flying J Travel Plaza to settle in for the night, probably time to move on tomorrow, getting restless.
Supervan is superbedroom!

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