End of Tokyo – Sanja Matsuri

This weekend was the Sanja Matsuri, a Buddist/Shinto festival that peaks on Sunday morning when three huge wooden shrines are marched through the largest crowds I have ever seen. Food and local crafts and drumming and drinking, spent about a half day here until the rivers of people started to make me insane.

After the festival I headed to Shibuya to a ramen place I kept hearing about. 
Lined up outside for about 20 minutes, then in side where the line slowly leads down a staircase into a dark, cramped, windowless basement. Eventually I came into the ordering room, should have gotten a picture, insert money into machine, select buttons for exactly what ramen you want, customize everything, then it spits out a ticket, take the ticket and get back in line.

Green curtains are kitchen, red curtains are stalls for diners.
The board below shows which stalls are available or about to be available.

My eating stall! It’s not sized for me, my shoulders touched each side, lol.

Handed my ticket through and 5 minutes later received ramen, curtain comes down, eat, slurp, go back upstairs and outside, wonderful.

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