Metro Bucharest

The USSR in my memory at least, is/was this giant monolithic thing so it would seem to follow that the subways they built in the 1980s in Bucharest should have the same basic form as those in Budapest or Prague or anyplace I haven’t visited.  They really don’t at all though, the trains here are giant, the stations are like caves, dark and wet and really grimey.

Ribbons of walkways leading eventually to a sign informing you of your correct or incorrect choice of path. Stairs that lead to nowhere but another set of stairs back to where you started. I love this sort of stuff.

This is perhaps the first subway I have seen that runs a full size train on standard track, standard right down to running on wooden ties set in a gravel bed, but underground, neat.

If the train is nearly empty when you get on and you watch the open doors closely you can see the train rocks side to side a tiny bit, like breathing, the doors are metal and huge, like prison cell doors when they slam shut, the arrow on your ticket either make means to insert arrow first or with the arrow pointed back at yourself depending on the station,  your guess is as good as mine how to tell which is which other than by memory.

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