Scored by finding a delightful French breakfast place with good coffee, a nice garden area and very complete crepes. Lots of coffee here with Candise and Jeff.

After breakfast it was time for tattoo date with my tat twin. Candise can be very persuasive, lol. The tattoo artist had a more… casual approach to tattooing that I am used to.  Jeff mentioned later that he had a momentary waffle on joining us in tattoo land, had I known that at the time I’m sure I could have gotten Candise to charm him, oh well he made a great tattoo chaperone at least.

After tattoo we cabbed down to the beach and spent the day walking the sands with no plan…. NO PLAN! Drinks and sand and ocean and food, I’ve really never been to a place before with clear waters and white sand. Kurtis & Nahanni met up with us for dinner on the beach, we’re all in a pretty mellow place, drinks and quiet contemplation.

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