I arrive at the Inn at Elsmere in Hailey, the innkeeper has no record of my reservation and is full for the night, she calls around, everything else is full as well, Hailey is not a big place. I phone Hotels.com, they admit their mistake and offer a free night in the closest vacancy, which is in Boise, 3 hours away and past the Sawtooth. I give Hotels.com a piece of my mind, thank the innkeeper for trying and head out to try and find wifi downtown.

Hotels are all booked for sure so I try Airbnb because you never know, even in a small place, Airbnb has several listings but they are either crazy money or full, I prepare to sleep in the car or under the stars.

Suddenly! I get a response from an Airbnb request, she tells me she is booked but understands the pickle I am in and would be willing to let me stay in her spare room!

I head over to the address and meet an amazing lady, she takes me in and gives me coffee. She is wonderful, a children’s book illustrator. I am exhausted at this point and fall asleep almost immediately.

In the morning my hostess is up when I pop my head out of my room at 6:00 and offers coffee, we end up chatting a couple hours she give me tips for food and things to see in the Sawtooth and sends me on my way.


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