Heading out in the afternoon

Had my root canal this morning and headed straight to Avis for the car, a little woozy from painkillers and valium but certainly should be fine once skytrain drops me at Avis.

A nice black Ford Fusion, brand new, quite nice, this will be its first trip.

Heavy traffic on the #1, my phone beeped eventually that there was an accident ahead, I got off the highway and headed south, signs for the truck border crossing, saw that there was zero line (weird) so decided to cross the border, back to the USSA! (and yes border guy, I am travelling ALONE)

I like central Washington a lot, kinda backwoodsy and off the grid, headed east until the start of the Cascade Scenic Loop, Hwy-20, this is a drive I have wanted to take for a long time, supposedly gorgeous, kept heading east.

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