NYC – Comedy Cellar

Comedy Cellar!

One of the shrines of comedy, on any given night your chances of randomly seeing awesome comedians are better here than any other club in the world, no need to check the lineup, just go. $5 or $10 tops.

I got on the waiting list, missed the first couple shows but got in for the 12:30, was seated randomly with this couple from Brazil who are in town for a week just to see a bunch of comedy, they are awesome, we share wings and laughs.

Here was tonight’s lineup, amazing, every one of them is someone I know and like, Sheng Wang was sharp, Jeff Ross and Dave Attell went on together and basically just fucked around for an hour roasting the crowd, including me, it was about 2:30am by this point.

Sheng Wang
Mark Normand
Joe Liste
Joe Mande
Jeff Ross
Dave Attell

After the show Jeff and Dave hung out on the steps and chatted with everyone, I had a nice talk with Dave, really really cool.

And yup, if you were wondering, the Comedy Cellar is the club Louie is heading into during the opening credits of Louie.

Also found the pizza place where Louie gets his slice from the opening, it’s around the corner about a block away.

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