Day Two

Too excited to sleep much, up early and out the door, walked around a while and had some sort of breakfast thing from a sidewalk taco place, crazy good, they find my Spanish to be hilarious.

Headed back to the airbnb at 9 to meet up with my guide, Nadia and her driver Ivan. Spent the day at various Aztec and older sites, climbed pyramids, drank pulque, fun.

Last night

On the way home last night I stopped in at a bar that turned out to be awesome and friendly and managed by a guy who worked at The Keefer in Van for 5 years. All three bartenders, Dina, Carlos and Luis were super friendly, probably didn’t hurt that I was their only customer.

Day One

Found my airbnb, was greeted by my lovely hostess Aurora just in time for a breakfast of pineapple tamales and coffee with her and a couple of her friends, the place is great.

Exploring the city, found my way to Mercado San Juan, saw butchers selling iguana and skunk meat. The lunch special in the market was beans and rice, followed by menudo and then a couple chicken tacos for $4, the guy next to me told me it was the best deal in the city and then he paid for mine, hoping everyone is this friendly.

Walked through the National Museum which has been a to-do list item for years, impressive but all signage in Spanish meant lots of guessing as to the identity and significance of each piece, if I am on point then I’m pretty sure the statue in this pic is Steve the God of Haircuts.

Welcome to somewhere else

Landed in MC, changed money, decided to find the subway rather than taxi. Google says subway is 1km away, spent 25 minutes trying to leave the airport, not really designed for walking to and from.

Walked the one km through what I am assuming is not the nicest part of town, morning rush hour, loud, busy, broken sidewalks and a gauntlet of old ladies selling breakfast. Eventually found the station, an insane madhouse of concrete and people, never seen anything like it, stood in sardine crowd an hour before the violent shove onto the train, in a bit of a daze but on my way.