Patrick – The Rocker

Name: Patrick Pentland

Plays: Mostly lead guitar and vocal but also everything else.

Beatle: John

Style: AC/DC and Stooges inspired shout-along rock tracks.

Mood: Moody

I’m starting with Patrick as I think his songs are the best intro, fist-pumping hockey arena (The Canucks came out to “Money City Maniacs” for every game of their 2017 season, for example) classics.

Patrick is totally the moody one, acerbic and sarcastic, when I was 17 I met him before a show in Saskatoon while he was carrying in equipment, the conversation:

Me: “Hey! Patrick! Are you guys playing Peppermint tonight!?!?!?

Patrick, dry and droll: “Yes…. tonight we are actually only doing obscure tracks from out old demos that most of the fans won’t know… you nailed it”

And he walked away.

(and they totally played Peppermint, I think that is Patrick defined)


The Songs

The Good In Everyone – Absolutely ripping guitar riff by Patrick, then that hand-clap groove, rare to have a Patrick song that is just him on vocal, perfect two bar guitar solo, when a song is perfect 2:18 is plenty.


Money City Maniacs – Chris’s bassline! Perfect guitar on top by Patrick, then Andrew on drums and BOOM, we are off and running, pay attention to Andrew’s drumming, all the fills are perfect and his toms just explode, Chris takes over lead vocals on the second verse, then they switch back and forth for the rest, a loose and fun affair, the line “and when he awoke his body was covered in coke fizz” was made up onstake one night while they were stalling for Jay to change a string, FUCKING HANDCLAPS, Chris and Patrick sing together, get ready for the best drum fill ever….. 3:15!!!!!! Andrew is amazing, ride this song out until the end, you are now Canadian. THE SONG STARTS AT 19:00 IN THIS LIVE VIDEO:



Everything You’ve Done Wrong – A crowd favourite always, TRUMPETS! usually live Chris “sings” the trumpet part, Patrick singing in his sweeter voice, love love love, and that walking bassline from Chris!! Jay takes the first guitar solo, Chris keeps that bass walking, call and response from Jay, another Jay guitar solo, the BRASS on that trumpet!


If It Feels Good Do It – GET YOUR FISTS UP!!! The opening voice is reference to KISS, whom Patrick loves, great guitar tone great riff, giant giant giant, Chris and Patrick sing together in THE Sloan style, watch for Andrew’s cool drums again, they also have a song called “Do It (If It Feels Good” but that’s different, although the band often often often has pieces and lines from songs that pop up in others, sometimes an entire verse from a song from 1997 will appear in a different song, by a different writer in 2012 and the context will TOTALLY change the meaning, they are almost always “playing” like that, fans LOVE putting together the pieces) fuck this is a rocker!


Unkind – I love their early work for sure, 1992-1994 was awesome song after awesome song but their 2012 album “The Double Cross” might be my favourite, this is the best song from it. The TONE on that guitar, RIP RIP RIP, amazing, and the snare when Andrew comes in has the best recorded snare sound I have ever heard, like a gunshot every time, turn it up please. Bittersweet, rocking but a bit sad, SO Patrick, his voice has held up SO well. Listen to that sync between the drum and lead guitar. Jay joins in on vocal this time around, Patrick and Jay also sound amazing together.