Andrew – The Artist


Name: Andrew Scott

Plays: Mostly drums and vocal but also everything else especially guitar.

Beatle: Ringo

Style: Weird shit

Mood: Unapproachable


Drummer Andrew is definitely the odd one out in the band, a reluctant songwriter and reluctant singer Andrew only started writing songs because Chris said he would stop if Andrew didn’t start.

Same thing with singing, when the band started Andrew could not sing at all, on the band’s first album they made Andrew sing one verse on the track ‘500 Up’ and eventually forced him to play all the guitar and record all the singing for a song he wrote for the second album, that song ‘People of the Sky’ became a fan favourite and Andrew has contributed a track or two to most Sloan albums since then.

The best musician in the band and an unusual drummer, as I mentioned before Chris calls him the most musical of drummers, using an unconventional grip and style and playing on the simplest set of drums since Ringo himself Andrew became the band’s unchanging rocksolid foundation, Patrick calls Andrew “Sloan’s secret weapon” noting that it’s not unusual for the band to be recording a guitar/bass/keyboard part and when they can’t get it quite right they get Andrew to do it instead.

The Songs:

500 Up – The only part that is actually Andrew is the sung-spoken word piece just after 1:00, again the band refused to finish the album without Andrew’s voice somewhere on it.

People of the Sky – Andrew’s first shot at actually singing, all the other instruments are him too, except Chris on drums. So Beatles, so good. Baap-baap-baap-baaaaaaaaa

Sinking Ships – He can sing! I mean he ain’t Mike Patton but his voice gets better with every record.

A Side Wins –  Great Andrew song, great Jay piano part, the little piano vamp at the very end is kind of the band’s signature, it appears on different songs, weaving through different parts here and there, if the band has a commercial for a tour or album it will usually be that little piano part underneath it.

I’ve Gotta Try – A new track from Andrew, just a good song.